Silent Minute brochure in 9 languages

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靜默一分鐘的誕生 Chinese traditional

La nascita del Minuto di silenzio Italian

静默一分鈡的诞生 Chinese simplified

サイレント・ミニットの始まり Japanese

Oorsprong van Eén Minuut Stilte Flemish

YNt imMnt  dw jnm Punjabi

La naissance de la Minute de Silence French

Рождение Минуты молчания Russian

Geburt der Schweigeminute German

El nacimiento del Minuto Silencioso Spanish


A Minute of Peace

Join us in the Silent Minute Prayer every day at 9.00pm or when convenient.

Source of my being,
Help me to live in peace,
And save my home the planet Earth

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