Sri Swami Vishwananda                                       

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Sri Swami Vishwananda 

Jai gurudev.  It’s a lovely project of giving one minute of silence for the world, for Mother Earth.
As one minute in a whole day is not much but if one become one minute positive and send this energy to the world, if all the people be aware and conscious about that it would make great changes. 
It is like a light shines in the darkness so this one minute of silence brings a lot to the world and to this universe because in doing this one minute one enters the inner chamber of oneself and communicate with the divine within and the whole universe which is present inside also is energised and when the whole universe inside is energised this project also is on the outside. 
One minute of silence reflects deeply on oneself and it reflects on the world and the universe itself. 
So, try your best to practise it and not to forget about it because one minute is nothing and that would make a great difference for this world.  Jai gurudev.

14 May 2014 London UK







A Minute for Peace

Join us in a Minute of Prayer for Peace every day at 9.00pm or when convenient.

Source of my being,
Help me to live in peace,
And save my home the planet Earth

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